Disruptive Technology®

Disruptive Technology®

Disruptive technology®, innovator process

Hydrometallurgical Process, Sustainable and Competitive.

Our Disruptive technology, entirely Hydrometallurgical, allows us to take advantages in many aspects comparing to the traditional recycling industry which base it´s processes on high temperature furnaces (Pyrometallurgy).

This allow us to face arising technical problems in the sector with warranty as the ones which are related to the increasing of rich SiC, Carbon or TiO2 wastes.

Advantages of our process

Hydrometallurgy to the service of a more sustainable recycling

Goal: ZERO emissions
Less CO2 emissions to the atmosphere with our Disruptive Recycling®

We want to change the current situation

Each year 300 CO2 tones are emitted in the catalysts recycling Spanish market. A figure that increase up to 3.000 tones if we refer to the European Market.

One tone of processed catalyst with the current technology emits 160Kg. of CO2 to the atmosphere, the same processed amount with our technology would reduce emissions to 56Kg of CO2.

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Advantages of Disruptive Technology®

Reduces costs and time of the productive process

Our disruptive technology® dramatically reduces the process from 100 to 10 days and also reduces the recycling cost.

faster than current technologies.
compatible with 100% SiC particles filters recycling

Versatile recycling for catalysts and particles filters

Our disruptive technology® is based on a hydrometallurgical process which is 100% compatible with SiC particles filters.

Optimize resources for the production process.

As it is an entire hydrometallurgical path we reduce energetic and operation cots.

  • Less cots and toxicity (gases Pb, S)

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