After testing the disruptive technology and providing our ability to recover PGM metals present in the catalytic converters of vehicles with internal combustion engines, In Metal 78 we had proven the versatility of our technology in other processes.

Recuperación de metales estratégicos presentes en procesos de hidrógeno combustible - Metal 78

In the case of strategic metals recovery found in different processes involved in the transition to fuel cell vehicles and the use of hydrogen in the industry. After a previous analysis, we have verified that our disruptive technology is perfectly applicable in the hydrogen field.

To prove it, we have analyzed the entire hydrogen value chain, from its generation to its use in fuel cell cars, and including the transportation of hydrogen itself.

This fact confirms our belief in the versatility of the disruptive technology we use and our ability to meet future recycling and sustainability challenges. At Metal 78 we highlight the main advantages of this technology with respect to the pyrometallurgical process currently in use.

Reduce 90% timing process
Reduce 63% CO2 emissions
• Significantly reduces the costs of the process itself

In Metal 78 we are prepared for the future with a technology based on versatile, competitive ans sustainable hydrometallurgy.