From the first to the 3rd of march we are going to be part of IPMI Winter Meeting. We will present our speech in the second edition of the most important global precious metal sector.

Next week we are traveling to Orlando, Florida USA to be part of the Winter Meetings Event, organized by the International Precious Metals Institute (IPMI). In fact, we will be part of the second day congress programm; Auto Catalyst Seminar, hosted by PGMRC.

We participated in this Auto Catalyst Seminar organized by Platinum Group Metals Refinding Commitee, we will exposing our project and global Disruptive technology visión which we use in Metal 78 to end of life cars catalyst and SIC particles filters Recycling.

IPMI Winter Meeting 2022 - Metal 78

(IPMI) Precious Metals International Institute, is been working from its foundation in 1976 as the most important comercial asociation from the Precious metals Industry. With more tan 600 members, IPMI organized workshops commitees, conferences and seminars, among others acts, offering a platform for all the industry in which sharing important information about precious metals and related topics.