Last July the 12, we had received the visit of the environmental deputy Mr. José Ignacio Asensio and the Director of Environment from Gipuzkoa, Mrs. Mónica Pedreira.

During their visit, the deputy and the director of environment of the Gipuzkoa regional government, have seen our plant installations in Gipuzkoa to get a first hand knowledge of where our first disruptive technology is been developed. A technology which we are dealing with to recover the metals from the platinum group, contained in end of life vehicle catalytic converters.

During their visit, they have been able to verify that our Industrial plant is safe, sustainable and with capacity to increase. With installations prepared for the future, with a 400 kg/day processing capability thanks to our hydrometallurgical process.

We are in advance compared to traditional recycling industry, facing with guaranties emerging technical problems from the sector such as those related to the increase of rich waste of SiC or TiO2.