SiC Particles Filters and Catalyst Recycling

Technology, our raison d’être
Recycling Service
SiC Particles Filters and Catalyst Recycling
our raison d’être

Specialists in catalyst recycling and SiC particles filters from end-of-life vehicles.

In Metal 78 we extract platinum, paladium and rhodium contents (PGM) from end of life catalysts through a disruptive recycling technology®.

We are catalysts recycling professionals based on 100% hydrometallurgical process. A technology that also allows us to recycle SiC particles filters.

Hydrometallurgy Advantages

Disruptive technology® for catalyst recycling service

Hydrometallurgy advantages Catalysts recycling processes

Energetic Efficiency, time optimization and a softer environmental impact

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Our PGMs recuperation process technology advantages

less than CO2 emissions to the atmosphere
faster thann actual technologies
compatible for SiC particles filters

Technological support

Disruptive Technology for sustainable catalysts recycling service, combining efficiency with a drastic reduction of emissions to the environment.

CEIT is our Technological Partner: Technological center which has a powerful powder metallurgy group, and since 1982 has been developing applied industrial research.

Ceit es nuestro socio tecnológico: centro tecnológico que cuenta con un potente grupo de pulvimetalurgia, y desde 1982 desarrolla investigación industrial aplicada.

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CDTI - Neotec
SPRI Taldea
BIC Gipuzkoa